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Sep 2017
Sep 07 2017 05:40
pretty much exactly the same, only difference being one acting roughly like a statement, the other being a dedicated branch in control flow, which most linting tools complain about if you have it all on one line :u
Sep 07 2017 05:46 some of them don't make much sense for python (postfix for and stuff like that is just comprehensions, and postfix if probably shouldn't apply to absolutely everything if added
Evan Hubinger
Sep 07 2017 06:19
@Summertime I would probably just advise rewriting the above as
if (seen_count >= 30
    or ago(post.created) > 3 * months
    or post.is_self
    or not (hasattr(post, 'preview') and 'images' in post.preview)):
I'm not averse to adding syntax like that to Coconut, but I wouldn't want to do so unless we could find use cases where it was clearly better than just using vanilla Python, and it doesn't seem to me like this clearly is.
Sep 07 2017 06:28
that's fair