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Sep 2017
Tim Pierson
Sep 17 2017 01:00
On the subject of VS Code, are there any tooling projects in general for coconut? In any ide?
Tim Pierson
Sep 17 2017 01:50
Sep 17 2017 02:53
Cheers @evhub! I also did a similar thing in pycharm for anyone else wondering. Just go to: File | Settings | Editor | File Types - then select Python from Recognized File Types and click the + next to Registered Patterns and add *.coco
Jason O.
Sep 17 2017 04:33
@evhub Thanks. How do I enable —target 36 when using this coconut.convenience module approach? cmd seems to take arguments.
Jason O.
Sep 17 2017 05:16

Also, as I’m trying this approach, I keep getting Unexpected error while saving the <MyJupyterNotebookName.ipynb> database is locked message show up right above the notebook’s menu bar. I’m suspecting the auto reload and coconut.convenience are somehow conflicting with each other?

%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2
%aimport MyCoconutModuleName

Also, there seems to be a timing issue where coconut.convenience cmd compiles the .py file and autoload doesn’t immediately load the new py such that the first time I run it, the old py is run, and the 2nd time, the new py.

Evan Hubinger
Sep 17 2017 07:53
@puruzio cmd just takes command-line arguments, so you can do cmd([<path to module>, "--target", "36"]) to enable --target 36. As for compatibility with autoreload, I'm not exactly sure what's happening; all coconut.convenience.cmd should be doing is just compiling the given file(s).
Jason O.
Sep 17 2017 07:54
Ok. Thanks.
I ended up doing import, time.sleep(1), importlib. reload, to avoid the timing issue. Will also try coconut--watch so that coconut. convenience cmd is not needed.
Sivaram Konanki
Sep 17 2017 17:21
Hello, can we do pandas stuff in Coconut
Great fan of functional programming, tried using fsharp before. This is very good stuff in Python