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Oct 2017
Mike Gallagher
Oct 19 2017 16:11
Hi folks! Love the project. Has anyone figured out how to use Coconut with Django? Specifically with django-extension's shell_plus?
Evan Hubinger
Oct 19 2017 20:18
@mgallagher For writing your actual app in Coconut, you should be able to do it just by writing .coco files then compiling them to .py when you want to run them (see pyprover for a non-Django example). As for shell_plus, you could try ./ shell_plus --ipython (or ./ shell_plus --notebook) then %load_ext coconut inside of IPython and use %coconut or %%coconut to execute Coconut code (see
Mike Gallagher
Oct 19 2017 22:20
Thanks @evhub! Those extensions were exactly what I was looking for :+1: