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Oct 2017
Iddan Aaronsohn
Oct 23 2017 15:42
Hey! Just discovered this interesting project. What is the state of the art for working with dicts in terms of syntax and type safety in Coconut?
Evan Hubinger
Oct 23 2017 18:53

@iddan For type safety, you'll want to use Coconut's MyPy integration. Then, for working with dicts, you can use Coconut's dictionary pattern-matching syntax:

{"a": a, "b": b, **rest} = {"a": 1, "b": 2, "c": 3}
assert a == 1 and b == 2 and rest == {"c": 3}

(here, I'm using the pattern-matching syntax in the context of destructuring assignment, though Coconut also supports the same syntax in match statements and pattern-matching function definition)