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Mar 2018
Evan Hubinger
Mar 01 2018 22:16
@puruzio Hmmm... it's working for me and it's working in Travis. Are you sure you're using the latest coconut-develop? Can I see exactly what commands you're running?
Jason O.
Mar 01 2018 22:23
Is ver 1.3.1 the latest.?
Jason O.
Mar 01 2018 22:36
coconut test1.coco test1_cc. py
this creates a test1_cc folder and puts in it.
I meant 'coconut test1.coco test1_cc. py'
Jason O.
Mar 01 2018 22:41
no space between test1_cc. and py.
Elliott Indiran
Mar 01 2018 23:03
I see the latest coconut-develop as 1.3.1.post0.dev18, which does not appear to create the folder