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Mar 2018
Vikram Kalabi
Mar 24 2018 03:43
@eindiran Ordering should not matter. @evhub This is neat! Thanks
Evan Hubinger
Mar 24 2018 21:52
@eindiran The sponsor is!
Mar 24 2018 23:00
@evhub congrats!
Mar 24 2018 23:05
Hey, @evhub, do you currently attend or recommend any meetups in
the Los Angeles area
Evan Hubinger
Mar 24 2018 23:11
@acdimalev Only on campus at the claremont colleges.
Evan Hubinger
Mar 24 2018 23:17
@/all Hey everybody; great news! Coconut now has a corporate sponsor in the form of and as a result we now have issue bounties, the documentation for which can be found on Coconut's contributing guidelines! We're doing a trial period for this right now, so please give feedback regarding anything you think could be improved about the current system.
Julian Pistorius
Mar 24 2018 23:19
Cool! Congratulations.
Mar 24 2018 23:45
Gz! From a long time lurker =P