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Jul 2018
Elliott Indiran
Jul 06 2018 00:56
@yggdr Hmmm, I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before that resulted in a difference but I just uninstalled the package with pip and reinstalled it and now can reproduce the behavior in both 2.7 and 3.6
In any case, I am using pip2/pip3 to install coconut-develop directly onto a linux machine
Evan Hubinger
Jul 06 2018 07:53
@balajeerc Yes, the REPL is being worked on. Persistent history for recalling commands with arrow keys has been added in develop and will be in the next version. reload is available for reloading modules, but automatic reloading is pretty difficult, since you'd have to spawn another process for that and always be listening from the child process.
@puruzio @eindiran For function composition you really shouldn't do f..g(x). The meaning of that has been changed multiple times, but the current and final meaning of that is f..(g(x)), which is the behaviour you're getting. Just do (f..g)(x) if you want the other behaviour. If there are places in the documentation where it uses the old syntax those definitely need to be changed, so an issue for that would be appreciated.
Jason O.
Jul 06 2018 17:04
@evhub Thanks. opened an issue on github for documentation update.