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Sep 2018
Sep 13 2018 09:17
@evhub I'm not sure how you would incorporate the literal await into such a syntax, except maybe x await |> coro_func, where effectively await |> is the new operator. But that looks strange to my eyes. Also I don't know of any other language with builtin pipe syntax that supports this.
@bj0 |> await y is not supported just like in base coconut |> yield x is not supported. You need to use brackets here. |> (yield x) works, if you .send a callable into the generator
Brian Parma
Sep 13 2018 20:07
am I going crazy or should slice/index work on a filtered iterator
Brian Parma
Sep 13 2018 22:22
ie range(2,20) |> .$[0] works, but range(2,20) |> filter$(i-> i > 3) |> .$[0] errors