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Dec 2018
Dec 28 2018 14:01
@anthony-khong I loved your talk!!! I was wondering if you had ever considered using something like a pre-processor module to allow a coconut file to be directly compiled by the python compiler. I was exploring the idea of mixed language compilation in PyCharm. I found this: which has a C-Preprocessor like functionality where it modifies the Python code as part of the Process... I'm a Python newbie... but not new to programming. What do you think?
Evan Hubinger
Dec 28 2018 22:29
@bobbaileyjr898 If you import coconut.convenience then you can just import Coconut files directly. It will still compile them to a Python file, though, which is an important thing to do just for performance reasons, since then Coconut doesn't have to recompile the file every time you import it.