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Dec 2018
Dec 30 2018 02:34

Hi all. Just discovered Coconut and loving it...I'm glad to see this page has some activity.
@ Evan - an excellent language you have developed, it reminds me of what I like about F# syntax-wise.
Is it possible to add an import url feature to the awesome Coconut Editor? It'd be handy to quickly pull in code snippets from pastebin.
(Downloading to a targeted folder (rather than my downloads folder) and saving gists would also be nifty.)

Cheers in advance if any of this is worth implementing! I get a lot of downtime at work and can study coconut on a tablet, but the select&copy&paste process sucks :)

Dec 30 2018 05:31
What's the best workflow for vs code?
The coconut extension doesn't do intellisense hover or send to repl and has minimal auto-complete.
If I change the extension to .py, I get full python intellisense hover & auto-complete,
plus I can shift-enter to send selected lines to the coconut repl.
(I just ctrl-d out of the python repl and coconut in, and sending to the repl works great from then on.)
So I'm presently working in a .py file until finished, then changing the extension to .coco and compiling. Although Coconut Editor is better if you want compilation error syntax highlights (but no send-to-repl).
Maybe there's a better way? Is there a settings hack to send to repl using shift-enter in a coco file?
Dec 30 2018 05:45
In case this helps someone...
The compiled .py file will run via code runner (vscode on windows, ctrl-alt-N)), if you insert a blank line at the top, or comment it out.
Otherwise you'll get The system cannot find the path specified.