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Jan 2019
Jan 03 05:08
@evhub could you explain how --target 36 works just fine on the REPL
if I type in to the repl --target 36 I get
CoconutParseError: parsing failed (line 1) --target 36
if I type in # --target 36 it accepts it, but if I then run an f-string line, I get
CoconutTargetError: found Python 3.6 format string (enable --target 36 to dismiss) (line 1)
Is there a way to input --target 36 by typing it directly into the repl?
How do you use --target 36 in your preferred editor-repl? Thanks.
David Vo
Jan 03 07:36
you need to run the repl with the --target 36 option
Jan 03 10:08
@auscompgeek That works, cheers!
Elliott Indiran
Jan 03 22:13
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