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Jan 2019
Evan Hubinger
Jan 07 04:55
@jabbalaci Coconut fully supports Python 2.7. What gave you the impression that it doesn't? As for _, you should raise an issue for that. You can also use the ipython/jupyter console if you want to be able to access previous REPL results (coconut --jupyter console).
Elliott Indiran
Jan 07 06:07
@evhub I think @jabbalaci is talking about 3.7 support.
Muhammad N ElNokrashy
Jan 07 15:36
Small comment that I'm not sure warrants an issue:
Why give pipes higher precedence than any other op (currently logical ops and some binary ones)?
Its usual use case makes more sense when you don't have to surround the argument of the first pipe with parentheses.
x = arr1 == arr2 |> rms
# vs
x = (arr1 == arr2) |> rms
Jan 07 22:55
Coconut is such a beautiful and educative language! Hope it will evolve and be more widespreaded in future! I am new with pull requests, but made symbolic one that addresses syntax highlighting in IntelliJ/PyCharm. Is this alright or can it be better? Thank you!
Evan Hubinger
Jan 07 23:09
@jabbalaci @eindiran Whoops, I meant to type 3.7 there--Coconut also fully supports 3.7.
@narfanar I think I would expect arg1 |> func1 == arg2 |> func2 to be more common than (a == b) |> check, though I guess that's debatable.
@studentiks Great, thanks for the PR!