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  • Aug 01 2018 13:34
    @lrettig banned @matrixbot
Darragh O'Brien
@piwonskp Thanks for the info, I've manged to get a local instance running using this: https://github.com/ewasm/go-ethereum/tree/evmc-v6 and hera as the evmc. Although I haven't managed to deploy an ewasm based smart contract to my private network yet.
Greg Hill
Hi all! What's the status on eWASM? Are there any open problems holding up development? GitHub seems quiet and I cannot find any mention of eWASM on the roadmap.
Maxime Sierro
Hey ! Could anyone point me to any resource explaining how the "deterministic subset of WebAssembly" was achieved ? From my limited knowledge this does not sound trivial at all
Newbie here...just wanted to say hi to everyone!
I have a few question guys, hope anyone can help.
Since I have a background in C#, I wanted to learn something more about blockchain and smart contracts. However, it's a bit of an issue to learn javascript, CSS, HTML and Solidity especially after learning that ethereum 2.0 is coming soon. On top of that, I've heard that Solidity may be deprecated in the future (replaced with Clarity). Also, I've been doing some research and I have a good feeling that Rust (with wasm) may become the standard for the blockchain development. Any advice how to prepare for the future, what to learn?
Many thanks,
Hey all, I have a noob question, trying to find what the entry point functions are of ewasn
Taylor luk
hey, i am new here. is it possible to develop eWASM apps in assemblyscript ?
Is goethereum support rust smart contract? How to deploy rust based smart contracts on Geth(goEthereum client)?
Hi Everyone.
YANQ: Who will run ewasm EVM - validators node? Will it be part of staking?
Michael Lewellen
Is this project still alive?
Jay Brower


Is anyone still here?

based dev
eWASM dead?
Seems like it was deprioritized for a while
Hi is there a good compiler for c++ to wasm ?
But im not sure about eWASM support
dead ewasm
why actually ya
Joshua Trujillo
Seems like there are other priorities in the Ethereum community, unfortunately. There is a Filecoin VM with WASM and EVM compatibility in development if that's something you're into. Otherwise, I don't imagine this will have much development for the foreseeable future :(
Pooria n
Hi guys
Royans Royce
Hi, Come on, LFG
Is there a timetable for ewasm?
hey, is there a way to add ewasm to your execution environment or its still under development
Joseph Cardwell
@JoshuaTrujillo15 My read on the industry; not having this implementation is hurting network effect for Ethereum and all the EVMs stacked on it.