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Nov 2014
Kevin Holditch
Nov 29 2014 16:48
I need the email you use with azure so I can add you
having trouble getting the domain to point to our vm, working on it though
Edward Wilde
Nov 29 2014 17:07
ah okay
the email i use for azure is
thinking of using razor as the templating engine
then we can bind the configuration and context objects to the templates
and any logic to shape the template can live in the template
oops, Claire (wife) is back . developer time over! Oh well had a good start at it today.
Edward Wilde
Nov 29 2014 19:19
hi kev you should have access to appveyor as an admin now, check your email
Edward Wilde
Nov 29 2014 19:25
i've asked a question to appveyor about the domain name thing