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Dec 2014
Kevin Holditch
Dec 11 2014 19:46
all working :)
pushes up the nuget package upon build
also done some work on an error message if you pass in a command that does not exist e.g. "crane foo"
plus I've got ncrunch fully working (you have to toggle some switches in ncrunch to get the integration tests to work) but it's cooking on gas now.
Edward Wilde
Dec 11 2014 19:51
Nice work buddy, is the crunch setup saveable in a config file? Like resharper settings? Then we could check them in to the repo
Kevin Holditch
Dec 11 2014 20:32
I think so although we currently exclude it using git ignore (there are various files ncrunch produces i'm not sure which one it is)
the other issue may be that you have to specify the folder using a full path so i'm not sure if would work if you cloned it to a different directory on another machine
I think the next big thing to look at is crane migrate/construct (not what to call the command) but how its going to work as it should be general purpose to add a build to a solution without one. Then we can change init to create the template that construct the build
and reuse the construct logic