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Jan 2015
Kevin Holditch
Jan 12 2015 20:43
just looking at putting the teamcity build in git
I think we should create a new repo
or do you think it should go in with the crane?
ok its in the main repo
had to create a new vcs root as we were using a parameter for the branch and for the syncrhonized build settings you cant specify parameters
it does encrypt the passwords so that's good
although someone could probably set up a build using that file and use the passwords without knowing what they are, if that makes sense
Kevin Holditch
Jan 12 2015 21:29
what does the NuGetPackageBuilder.ps1 do? Noticed it got created 2 months ago but I dont think it's used?
one more task to go and then crane 0.2 will be unleashed on the world :)