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Sander Rijken
in that case, call tolower on that part of the query as well?
Blake Niemyjski
I guess we should eh
I’ll fix it
Blake Niemyjski
pushing it to a branch with some other changes
will merge it in today
so question for you guys
For log stacks we set the title to the source which is the full type name in most cases… but you can also specify a custom stacking title too (not typical)...
so we have these ugly stack titles we could collapse but we aren’t 100% sure if they are a full type name..
so should I add a special check to see if it the title contains at least 1 period and there are no spaces
in any of the parts
like blah.xyz.blah would match
but blah. xyz.blah wouldn't
what are your thoughts
Eric J. Smith
calling you Blake
Blake Niemyjski
        // allow any single hour to have 10 times the monthly limit converted to hours
        //return (int)Math.Ceiling(organization.GetMaxEventsPerMonthWithBonus() / 30d * 0d);
        int eventsLeftInMonth = organization.GetMaxEventsPerMonthWithBonus() - organization.GetCurrentMonthlyTotal();
        if (eventsLeftInMonth < 0)
            return 0;

        var hoursLeftInMonth = (DateTime.UtcNow.EndOfMonth() - DateTime.UtcNow).TotalHours;
        if (hoursLeftInMonth < 1)
            return eventsLeftInMonth;

        return (int)Math.Ceiling(eventsLeftInMonth / hoursLeftInMonth * 10d);
new :)
Eric J. Smith
Blake Niemyjski
not sure how our unit tests are going to work now
since it’s a revolving period of time based on when the tests are running
Eric J. Smith
yeah, will have to figure something out for that.
or get rid of the tests.
Blake Niemyjski
I got them working
Blake Niemyjski
        var data = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        string source = stack.SignatureInfo?.GetString("Source");
        if (String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(source) || !String.Equals(source, stack.Title)) {
            data.Add("Title", stack.Title);
        } else {
            data.Add("Source", source);
            var parts = source.Split(new[] { '.' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
            if (!String.Equals(source, parts.Last()) && parts.All(p => p.IsValidIdentifier()))
                data.Add("SourceShortName", parts.Last());
sucks I gotta have a lot more overhead for summaries
but you could stick anything in a log source
at least this verifies that it’s a log source
makes me wonder if I should just call this title and tileshortname
make the code simplier
Jamie Clarke
wonder what theme gitter uses
i quite like it
for code syntax
Blake Niemyjski
could ask em
Eric J. Smith
@jamie94bc @frankebersoll @srijken @niemyjski @BillHenning @boydpatterson
Join the new Exceptionless Slack org and we can try it out.
Blake Niemyjski
@BillHenning code writer is uwp right? If not could you try exceptionless in uwp
Bill Henning
Can talk in Slack... I'm closing Gitter for good now! :)
Blake Niemyjski
@/all please join our new slack room: https://slack.exceptionless.com/
Blake Niemyjski
@sharathsatish looks like rc2 is 3-6 weeks out. Can you also join our new slack room: http://slack.exceptionless.com
hi @niemyjski i hope you re fine. I've got a problem with setup exceptionless. Can you help me if you have free time? Thanks
Blake Niemyjski
@/all please join our slack room: http://slack.exceptionless.com
What does UseIsolatedStorage() actually store?
Hi exceptionless