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Jun 2015
Pawel Kasperek
Jun 01 2015 11:36
Maybe, have you plan to write PHP client for Exceptionless ?
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 01 2015 14:32
@silentnull, yes at some point in the future
we'd really like a pull request for something like that tho :)..
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 01 2015 16:29 is out with no pre release tag!! We've made some big changes to storage performance / ensure it works with require / system js while shrinking the file size by ~4KB
Sander Rijken
Jun 01 2015 17:33
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 01 2015 19:11
IE 8 :(
@srijken do you support ie8
or just ie9 and newer?