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Jun 2015
Sander Rijken
Jun 26 2015 07:51
Lukas Wöhrl
Jun 26 2015 13:09

@niemyjski I got it working, but not as you proposed. ;) Becauses it would introduce another DI container in our system (to allow injecting my dao into the IEventQueue nicely). It also would require me to add a fake api-key and url to make .Submit() work. (IsValid would fail otherwise)

I use now:
EventBuilder builder = e.ToExceptionless();
EventPluginContext context = new EventPluginContext(builder.Client, builder.Target, builder.PluginContextData);
IJsonSerializer serializer = builder.Client.Configuration.Resolver.GetJsonSerializer();
string errorAsString = serializer.Serialize(error.Target);

I even got the old one working :). The key was to upgrade the agent to 2.x and deserialize my json to the "InnerError" type. And submit as "@error" in the Event.Data. I can detect the different versions based on an existing "ExceptionlessClientInfo" property in the json file.

I have still one problem, and don't know if it's my mistake. I want to add additional EnvironmentInfos. So I add entries to the .Data field like: info.Data.Add("system up time", val) but these values do not show up in the UI. Things like: info.Architecutre = "x64" are working fine.

Blake Niemyjski
Jun 26 2015 14:45
@woehrl01 , you could reuse our lightweight di system. You just had to register your type with it :).
well, it would add all of that to the property. are they listed there
environmental info has it's own key
@woehrl01 as long as you got it working, that's all that matters :)
but if you want to meet up.. I could help take a look into why that's not working
Lukas Wöhrl
Jun 26 2015 15:54

yeah, I know that I could use the DI from exceptionless, but I would need to do that at the "global" space. If I add those informations to the property they are shown up. but it would be nice to have some of them under the "environment" tab. there is the "@environment" together with the EnvironmentInfo class. which works as expected. But the EnvironmentInfo class also has a Data property. Thats the one I tried to use. But I think this is the wrong place, isn't it?

I'm already in the weekend. Let's have a look for it on monday ;)

Lukas Wöhrl
Jun 26 2015 16:27
according to the .data property of "@environment" is not displayed/unrolled.
that would be a nice addon. :+1: and this is the answer to my question, I currently use the wrong .data ;)
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 26 2015 18:46
@woehrl01 it has a data property but we currently are not showing anything in the data fields. I think we have a github issue for showing this content
maybe not. It would be an issue there (can you log one :D)
Lukas Wöhrl
Jun 26 2015 18:49
Shure :)
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 26 2015 18:50
It should show extended data for request info, environmental info
and probably something else :)
Blake Niemyjski
Jun 26 2015 19:23
so we can't really remove them
we don't have that data
unless we ran a query per organization
to get the last event date.