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Aug 2015
rajan bhayana
Aug 18 2015 22:50

need some help
in all of my console apps (heaps running on azure/aws), i have added exceptionless.signed from nuget

then in my app.config, i have this settings

<exceptionless apiKey="something" serverUrl="http://something/api/v2" enableSSL="false" />

then in my code i have this -
using Exceptionless;
using Exceptionless.Configuration;

on code start in main,

But this doesnt seem to be working -
ExceptionlessClient.Default.SubmitLog("Processing file " + file);

I also tried adding this to the code after including files but didnt work out -
[assembly: Exceptionless("something", ServerUrl = "http://something/api/v2", EnableSSL = false)]

Blake Niemyjski
Aug 18 2015 23:02
your url shouldn't contain the end point
it's already included just do
Blake Niemyjski
Aug 18 2015 23:09
@rajanbhayana did that help?