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Dec 2015
I think we need that as well
Eric J. Smith
Dec 04 2015 15:00
I hate that legalistic crap. Of course if someone is detrimental to the project they can be removed. Why do we need rules and regulations for that?
Blake Niemyjski
Dec 04 2015 15:04
I agree that its kind of meta but it kind of states that we want any of that crap going on publicly
even though it should be a given for any project
Dec 04 2015 21:44
Afternoon guys, have a problem with TraceKit's detection of urls. TraceKit tries to load source files but uses a weird URL: https://localhost:44303/[c]/<@https://localhost:44303/libs/kendo-ui/js/kendo.all.min.js . It seems that the gecko regex is not expecting symbols before the @. Sample line[i] input: .plugin/e.fn[c]/<@https://localhost:44303/libs/kendo-ui/js/kendo.all.min.js:10:3674
Blake Niemyjski
Dec 04 2015 22:03
Can you add a unit test for that stack trace to the tests and submit a pull request with a fix?
That would be a huge help
Blake Niemyjski
Dec 04 2015 22:14
This is a work in progress If there is anything you think we are missing or needs updating please let me know. I’m working to add points of features we don’t have as well. I want to do an honest evaluation.