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Dec 2015
Dec 16 2015 11:28
Hi there, I have trouble with self hosting exceptionless version Exceptionless.3.1.1822 :(
anyone help ?
Sander Rijken
Dec 16 2015 14:04
@muhammetsahin just shoot the problem/question?
@niemyjski few of our customer just finished migration to Win7.. I think 2 years is very optimistic ;)
Blake Niemyjski
Dec 16 2015 14:40
what were they thinking?
I mean why upgrade to one system that you know is already two major versions behind
Sander Rijken
Dec 16 2015 15:32
they started it before Win8 was there
slow moving organisations
Eric J. Smith
Dec 16 2015 15:33
pretty typical
Sander Rijken
Dec 16 2015 15:57
the larger they are, the longer it takes
wasn't it the US navy who are still paying for WinXP or maybe even something older than that?
Blake Niemyjski
Dec 16 2015 15:58
it will be nice once they are on windows 10 and it auto updates :)