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Feb 2016
Jonas Dralle
Feb 02 2016 17:04
Can something bad happen when I call Register() or Unregister() multiple times

Because I do this:
But I do not check if Telemetry already got activated or not

It should never be double registered or unregistered but I just want to ask anyway what happens when this might go wrong

Blake Niemyjski
Feb 02 2016 17:13
@JonasDralle nothing bad should happen
if it does it’s a bug
We just unwire event handlers and the like.
Blake Niemyjski
Feb 02 2016 17:21
@muhammetsahin I’m free if you want to meet up today. Just please send me the teamviewer info in a private message.
Sorry things have been hectic the past few days. I’ve been moving into a new duplex and finally about 90% moved in and unpacked
Eric J. Smith
Feb 02 2016 23:22
idiots, eh?
Blake Niemyjski
Feb 02 2016 23:39