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  • Jul 09 2018 23:23
    Heroku [exercism] deployed cd448968
  • Jul 09 2018 20:42
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 63d12595
  • Jul 09 2018 09:50
    Heroku [exercism] deployed ceb4bfbf
  • Jul 04 2018 14:04
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 1c445108
  • Jul 03 2018 13:22
    Heroku [exercism] deployed e2b65dc9
  • Jul 02 2018 17:35
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 01f4f02d
  • Jun 27 2018 11:51
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 517ce58a
  • Jun 24 2018 12:17
    Heroku [exercism] deployed add1879e
  • Jun 23 2018 14:55
    Heroku [exercism] deployed adb243ad
  • Jun 22 2018 14:25
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 7d851dda
  • Jun 21 2018 13:26
    Heroku [exercism] deployed e85dd9c7
  • Jun 20 2018 15:07
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 954e65f4
  • Jun 19 2018 13:58
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 4619d043
  • Jun 19 2018 13:34
    Heroku [exercism] deployed de732df0
  • Jun 17 2018 20:31
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 918f1846
  • Jun 15 2018 23:33
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 0613c4cf
  • Jun 14 2018 17:24
    Heroku [exercism] deployed d10880f8
  • Jun 13 2018 16:15
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 57d602da
  • Jun 12 2018 22:45
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 5a54fb00
  • Jun 10 2018 17:49
    Heroku [exercism] deployed 86d12beb
Brady Trainor
So I thought I would just follow the instructions as literally as possible, so I just filed that issue.
NobbZ The repo usually won't be created before you find someone who commits himself. And even then the language will be hidden for most user until it passes certain quality criterias, mainly it needs to have 10 exercises implemented at least, working CI on travis or GHA, documentation about how to install the languages runtime and how to run tests and how to contribute to the track. Thats it for v2 currently, for v3 some more things have to work…

@bradyt:matrix.org I really don't know when I will have time to look at this more, it just keeps popping up in my head when I have a little bit of time to take another look at Nix.

But one thing I toyed around with, was maybe looking at a similar existing bootstrapped language, and modiying it as a way to guide my own learning of Nix.

@bradyt:matrix.org So like, looking at existing early commits on another language track.
@bradyt:matrix.org www.workfromhomewebseries.com
Logan Stucki
Man i forgot this existed
Ryan Potts
Still here
Peter Tseng
advent of code coming up in 10 days
Norbert Melzer
Yes, its that time again. Though this year I already know in advance, that I can't put much time into it :(
Victor Goff
Test message
Ryan Potts
Reply message. 👍
Thanks Ryan.
Norbert Melzer
Has matrix integration getting better after the take over?
I don't know, but thought I would explore a little.
Norbert Melzer
Edits and threads have been my biggest pain points back then…
Threads haven't been translated to matrix at all, while edits have been send as new messages. (add some parenthesis for the edit)
I can edit my message from here. (By doing up-arrow)
Victor Goff
That seemed pretty OK. So edits seem to be better.
Norbert Melzer
Yeah, but how did my edit appear on your site?
5 replies
Then I might give it a shot again
I even deleted information on my edit.
Try a thread here.
1 reply
Victor Goff
Sorry for the noise on Dev.