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  • Dec 22 2016 16:56
    User @jtigger unbanned @dshamany
  • Nov 13 2016 06:36
    @jtigger banned @dshamany
just got it to work.lol. thank you
Norbert Melzer
Happy to hear that! Have fun solving exercises!
When trying to configure my exercism with my token i get a timeout...Im assuming its because im behind our office-proxy
Norbert Melzer
Then make sure you have configured your proxy correctly using HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables.
Ive tried doing that, still the same (Windows 10 )
Alright, it seems i had to do it in the specific cmd line window, worked now..Thank you
Norbert Melzer
Well, of course you have. This is how environment variables work, they'll never affect siblings only children processes and itself.
Usually you should set them system wide.

Hi, I cannot use the exercism commands in the command line because I am behind a corporate proxy. I set the proxy in the Windows 10 environment variables. The error is "[Get https://api.exercism.io/v1/ping: proxyconnect tcp: net/http: TLS handshake timeout]".

Regarding the previous messages, I set the proxy and https proxy as system variables.

Norbert Melzer
It seems as if its TLS timeout takes to much time. This timeout isn't configurable currently.
just signed up for exercism as a newbie looking to learn javascript. Have node installed v10.16.3 ; npm v6.9.0; and git v2.23.0 windows 1 - installed Jest 24.9 Babel 7.6 and ESLint v6.4. When I try to install exercism CLI and use the command "exercism configure with the tokens, i receive "bash: exercism: command not found" -
troubleshooting and exited the command line (bash) restarted and tried again; - worked and received "You have configured the Exercism command line client" and acknowledges config dir, Token, Workspace, and API Base URL -
Norbert Melzer
I'm glad to hear that you have sorted it out. Feel free to ask any question you might have next
which langauge programming I should pick if I want find quickly a job
Victor Goff
I would pick one in which you already have experience with. Otherwise, find one that is used in your area of expertise to solve problems in that area, and learn that language.
Hi, im having problems installing the exercism to the $PATH, can anyone help me?
Norbert Melzer
@bmnn01co totally depends on what you already know, where you live, if you are willing/able to move for your job, if you accept remote positions or want only work remote, etc. If you were living in Hamburg, my bet were Java or PHP if you have prior knowledge in either. Or moving to somewhere outside of Germany if you haven't studied… Finding the first position without having succesfully studied is hard here…
@uMaDe132 sure. What error do you see?
Lucian Daniel Crisan
I cannot install properly exorcism
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Norbert Melzer
Hello @crisanlucid, this is quite a common problem if you have downloaded the wrong archive, please double check if it was the correct one and matches your OS and CPU architecture.
Hi, I have messed up the first step, help would be appreciated.
Norbert Melzer
@nonononahnah_gitlab! I'm not sure what step you are talking about, as steps are different per operating system, but usually the first thing to do is downloading…
Ah, ok. That was probably the thing I messed up first. Which one do I need to dl for my Manjaro?
then I tried the steps as described, building a directory
did not work either
Norbert Melzer
Manjaro is an Arch derivative AFAIR, and therefore a linux.
I downloaded linux 64
Norbert Melzer
And what does "did not work either" mean? Any error message?
no, just did not build the directory, and when I built it in a different way and used the move command, it did not show up, not even with -al
Norbert Melzer
What were the exact commands you used?
oh, I have the worst memory possible, sorry. Must have used the commands that were described in the step by step instructions...lemme try and remember
Norbert Melzer
You should have a history…
mkdir -p !/bin
oh, how can I get to that history please?
I'll just p[aste it then
~ not !
Norbert Melzer
You can navigate it using the up and down keys… You can search it using CTRL-R and you can view it using history
42 mkdir - ~/bin
43 ls -al
44 mv exercism ~/bin
45 rm bin-r
46 rm bin -r
47 ls -al
48 exit
49 clear
50 mkdir ~/bin
51 ls -al
52 cd ..
53 clear
54 mkdir ~/bin -p
55 ls -al
56 mkdir -p ~/bin
57 ls -al
58 mkdir -p ~/bin
59 pwd
60 ls =al
61 ls-al
62 ls -al
63 mkdir bin
64 ls -al
65 mkdir -p ~/bin
66 ls -al
67 mv exercism ~/bin
68 cd bin
69 ls
70 ls =al
71 ls -al
72 pwd
73 cd .
74 cd .exit
75 cd..
76 clear
77 mv exercism ~/bin
78 cd bin
79 pwd
80 ls
81 ls -al
82 ~/bin/exercism
83 cd ..
84 cd ..
85 cd ..
86 cd ..
87 cd ..
88 pwd
89 exercism
90 cd extracting here
91 ls
92 cd home
93 ls
94 cd usr
95 clear
96 exercism
97 ls
98 ls -al
99 clear
100 exercism
101 clear
102 history
that is just the one from the shell, afterwards I used the one within the directory I extracted it to
Norbert Melzer
I do not need your history
Just check whether or not ~/bin does exist. stat ~/bin
ok yes it does
Norbert Melzer
So nothing messed up so far.
not sure