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btcsuite / btcd

Latest btcd release: 0.8.0-beta -- https://github.com/conformal/btcd/releases

go latest btcd release 080-beta --

biosustain / cameo

cameo -- computer assisted metabolic engineering & optimization

python cameo -- computer assisted metabolic

shouldjs / should.js

BDD style assertions for node.js -- test framework agnostic

javascript bdd style assertions nodejs --

michaeldv / awesome_print

Pretty print your Ruby objects with style -- in full color and with proper indentation

ruby pretty print objects style --

ElixirRuhr / ElixirRuhr

Moving to Slack: Channel #ruhr at http://elixir-lang.slack.com/messages/ruhr Sign up at https://elixir-slackin.herokuapp.com

elixir im ruhrgebiet -- follow twitter

nodeschool / florianopolis

NodeSchool chapter for Florianópolis -- http://nodeschool.io/florianopolis/

nodeschool chapter --

Bloomberg-Beta / Manual

Bloomberg Beta's operating manual -- the same document we use to run our team -- open to any for comments and proposed changes.

bloomberg beta operating manual -- document

complikatyed / TicTacToe

NSS C8 - W10 -- assignment to create a tic-tac-toe game (working in groups)

javascript nss c8 w10 -- assignment

StorytellerCZ / UMF

Users - Messages - Forums -- This is an advance package of A3M that adds to its basis functionality private messages and simple forums to kickstart the development of web apps even more.

html users messages forums -- advance

matthewhatch / NCache

NCache Powershell Module -- Used to get data from Alachisoft NCache

powershell ncache module -- data alachisoft

moul / node-slumber

Port of Python's slumber library -- (RESTful API library)

coffeescript port python slumber library --

rickbrunstedt / twilio-github

excercise @ makers academy -- looking up github profiles with sms

ruby excercise makers academy -- github

heatseeknyc / heatseeknyc

HeatSeekNYC -- a web-enabled hardware platform to detect heating violations in NYC

ruby heatseeknyc -- web-enabled hardware platform

xbeta / s3cmd

Official s3cmd repo -- Command line tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront services

official s3cmd repo -- command line