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angular / angular

Discussion for angular (2+) - need help? create a stackblitz with your issue to get help faster using this template: https://stackblitz.com/fork/angular-issue-repro2

javascript angular typescript

dev-ua / angularjs

Angular2 chat: https://gitter.im/dev-ua/angular2 FAQ: https://gist.github.com/listochkin/c81c198a2b7b044a0dc5

angularjs angular frontend Ukraine ukrainian russian belorussian

AngularClass / angular2-webpack-starter

An Angular 2 Webpack Starter kit featuring Angular 2, Router, TypeScript, and Webpack by AngularClass

javascript angular webpack starter kit featuring

angular-ui / bootstrap

Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap. Small footprint (5kB gzipped!), no 3rd party JS dependencies (jQuery, bootstrap JS) required!

javascript native angularjs angular directives bootstrap

mgechev / angular2-seed

Modular starter (seed) project for Angular 2 apps with fast, statically typed build.

javascript seed angular apps

ceolter / ag-grid

a grid that works with angular js (1 & 2), react and pure javascript

javascript grid works angular js

altair / Lobby

IMPORTANT! We are moving to: https://spectrum.chat/altair-graphql

graphql angular

json-schema-form / angular-schema-form-add-ons

A repository where information and discussions about Angular Schema Form plug in development are held.

repository information discussions angular schema form

ngx-spinner / community

The community to discuss about ngx-spinner related issues/help.

angular javascript ui loading spinner loader

itkpi / js

Hi! This is KPI JavaScript User Group. Rules are going to be available @ https://github.com/itkpi/chats/blob/master/RULES.md

js javascript angular angular2 angularjs ts typescript dart frontend front-end css sass scss node no

arca-computing / MultipleDatePicker

Angular directive to show a simple calendar allowing user to select multiple dates, use custom callback on (de)selection. You can also specify some off days or already selected days.

javascript angular directive show simple calendar

mcfly-io / generator-mcfly

A Yeoman generator for scaffolding an application using angular, browserify, ionic and famous

javascript yeoman generator scaffolding application angular

AngularClass / angular2-reactive-starter

Work in Progress: Angular 2 Reactive Starter Kit using Model View Intent (MVI)

javascript work progress angular reactive starter

flatlogic / angular-dashboard-seed

Angular dashboard sample application with nodejs REST backend integration

javascript angular dashboard sample application nodejs

TehShrike / abstract-state-router

Like ui-router, but without all the Angular. The best way to structure a single-page webapp.

javascript ui-router angular structure single-page webapp

VictorBjelkholm / ngProgress

Angular provider for slim loading bar at the top of the page ( inspired by https://github.com/rstacruz/nprogress )

javascript angular provider slim loading bar

guyklainer / angular-lazy-load

Lazy load all your angular modules without explicit script tags

javascript lazy load angular modules explicit

princejwesley / angular-circular-slider

Angular port of circular slider which helps to slide range of values and images. It supports half(top/bottom/up/down) and full circle shapes

javascript angular port circular slider helps

kentcdodds / ng-stats

Little utility to show stats about your page's angular digest/watches.

javascript utility show stats page angular

bvaughn / angular-form-for

Set of Angular directives to simplify creating and validating HTML forms.

javascript set angular directives simplify creating

josebalius / ngReactGrid

A really fast Angular grid using the power of React to render

javascript fast angular grid power react

venzee / api-support

Welcome! You're in the right place for technical questions and advice around best practises. For account questions, contact support@venzee.com.

php public repository documentation sdk developer angular node.js api ecommerce retail manufacturing

generator-ngx-library / Lobby

Yeoman generator to bootstrap your Angular library creation

angular library authoring yeoman

btesser / angular-global-injector

Automatically wraps global dependencies into an Angular injectable. Works for most libraries that support requirejs.

automatically wraps global dependencies angular injectable