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rsvp / victor

Victor, verifier in cryptography, publicly issues free trusted TIMESTAMP of file hash information embedded into a blockchain.

cryptography timestamp blockchain bitcoin

blockstack / blockstack

Specifications for the Blockchain Name System

specifications blockchain system

bitpay / insight-ui

A bitcoin blockchain API for web wallets. #bitcore on Freenode.

javascript bitcoin blockchain api web wallets

skthomasjr / Cryptocurrency.Blockchain

Cryptocurrency.Blockchain is a library for interacting with the Blockchain Data API provided by Blockchain.

cryptocurrency money bitcoin blockchain api

nem-toolchain / Lobby

Command line toolchain for Nem blockchain -

blockchain golang cli nem toolchain

CoopWorker / Lobby

Tech. discussion about back-end solutions for the CoopWorker platform

blockchain cocreation outsourcing sharing economy coopworker

Ethereum wallet help / Lobby

Got an issue with your wallet, exchange or a transaction? Check on, or use a search engine. If you can't find an answer, then get help here, and give a donation to your helper, especially if they're not an Ethereum employee.

ethereum blockchain ethereum exchange ethereum wallet ethereum transaction help support