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CppMSG / Lobby

CppMSG_Cpp: Only for very general stuff. (gitter calls this the "Lobby") Please look for more specific rooms before posting here. https://gitter.im/CppMSG gives a list of the rooms. Thanks for keeping this organized. :) Use **during** our in-person and on-line meetings for chat and typing in what you are asking or talking about or links immediately relevant or remembering afterward. Please read this website about our two meetup groups : http://cppmsg.com

cpp c++ c-- Cplusplus C plus plus Modern C++ Modern Cpp C++14 C++11 C++17 CppMSG C++ Mentoring C++ Study Group C++ Mentoring Group C++ Teaching Group C++ Learning Group Cpp C++ language programming oo

CppMSG / Qt

the crossplatform C++ IDE - questions about Qt , QML, and Qt Quick 1 & 2 only please.

cpp c++ c-- cplusplus c plus plus Qt digia

forGGe / theCore

The Core is highly configurable, straightforward C++ embedded framework with minimum set of development dependencies.

core embedded cpp c++ FreeRTOS theCore stm32 particle cortex ARM bare-metal

CppMSG / Asynchronous_IO_in_Cpp

This group have been archived, please see: https://gitter.im/CppMSG/Concurrency_Cpp //// Old topics: Parallel, Concurrent, Coroutines, Threads, Promises, etc.

cpp c++ c-- cplusplus c plus plus concurrent parallel async concurrency Asynchronous