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tpolecat / doobie

Deprecated. Please move to https://sca.la/typeleveldiscord

scala principled database access

EmergingTechnologyAdvisors / node-serialport

Chat about Node-Serialport and projects using node serialport for specfic problems or bugs please open a github issue.

nodejs package access serial ports reading

coddingtonbear / inthe.am

Access your Taskwarrior tasks from any browser anywhere

python access taskwarrior tasks browser

OfficeDev / ews-java-api

A java client library to access Exchange web services. The API works against Office 365 Exchange Online as well as on premises Exchange.

java client library access exchange web

openworm / PyOpenWorm

Unified, simple data access library for data & facts about C. elegans anatomy

python unified simple data access library data science

scalikejdbc / scalikejdbc

A tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala developers. This library naturally wraps JDBC APIs and provides you easy-to-use APIs.

scala tidy sql-based db access library

coddingtonbear / python-myfitnesspal

Access your meal tracking data stored in MyFitnessPal programatically

html access meal tracking data stored

picklepete / pyicloud

A Python + iCloud wrapper to access iPhone and Calendar data.

python icloud wrapper access iphone calendar

astropy / astroquery

Functions and classes to access online data resources. Maintainer: @keflavich

python functions classes access online data

grevory / angular-local-storage

An AngularJS module that gives you access to the browsers local storage with cookie fallback

javascript angularjs module access browsers local

rmagick / rmagick

The official home for RMagick until/if we get access to the original repo

c official home rmagick access original

markrendle / Simple.Data

A light-weight, dynamic data access component for C# 4.0

light-weight dynamic data access component

slicebox / slicebox

Microservice for safe sharing and easy access to medical images

scala microservice safe sharing easy access

sandeepmistry / node-ancs

A node.js lib to access the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS)

javascript nodejs lib access apple notification

titipata / pubmed_parser

Python XML parser for PubMed Open Access and MEDLINE dataset

python xml parser pubmed open access

linagee / esp8266ArduinoToggle

esp8266/Arduino project for hosting a wifi access point and toggling a pin that will be connected to a relay

arduino project hosting wifi access point

umassthrower / utils

Random collection of things I want to be able to access publicly.

shell random collection things access publicly

chigby / mtg

Console-based access to the Gatherer Magic Card Database.

html console-based access gatherer magic card

JayBeavers / Reflecta

Arduino communications protocol focusing on remote access to GPIO and I2c and remote function calls

arduino communications protocol focusing remote access

parshap / js-object-path

A tiny Node.js utility to access deep properties using a path

javascript tiny nodejs utility access deep

st40611 / bruinmenu

Simple Android app to access the latest dining hall items from UCLA.

simple android app access latest dining

douglarek / pgist

A Python command-line wrapper with github3.py library to access GitHub gists

python command-line wrapper github3py library access

chrisnicotera / GoogleMusicMac

Wrapper for Google Music that turns All Access into a separate app that is compatible with the Mac's media keys.

objective-c wrapper google music turns access

tendencies / slash_config

A PHP class used to add or remove settings and you could access to them from all the classes inside your project/package.

php class add remove settings access

captn3m0 / amon

amon is a hacking tool for maintaining access to accounts using oauth tokens, instead of passwords.

ruby amon hacking tool maintaining access

zalando / oauth2-client-js

A library to help you handling OAuth2 access and request tokens.

javascript library handling oauth2 access request

gkostyanikov / pomodoro

A pomodoro counter, that turns off your access to certain sites.

ruby pomodoro counter turns access sites

ProjectMakeIt / Node-TV

Instant access to YOUR media from anywhere, with a handy html remote to boot.

javascript instant access media handy html