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Casecommons / pg_search

pg_search builds ActiveRecord named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full text search

ruby pg_search builds activerecord named scopes

mavenlink / brainstem

The Brainstem gem provides a framework for converting ActiveRecord objects into a great JSON API. Brainstem Presenters allow easy application of user-requested sorts, filters, and association loads, allowing for simpler implementations, fewer requests, and smaller responses.

ruby brainstem gem framework converting activerecord

brianpetro / hashids_rails

Use hashids.rb to store ActiveRecord IDs in URL non-obviously.

ruby hashidsrb store activerecord ids url

paulnsorensen / lifesaver

Asynchronously sends your ActiveRecord models for reindexing in elasticsearch by making use of tire and resque

ruby asynchronously sends activerecord models reindexing

marshall-lee / acts_as_ltree

Yet another hierarchy plugin for ActiveRecord using PostgreSQL's ltree

ruby hierarchy plugin activerecord postgresql ltree

katsuma / itunes-client

itunes-client provides a high level API (like ActiveRecord style) to control your iTunes.

ruby itunes-client high level api activerecord

alvinsj / flatten_record

An ActiveRecord plugin that denormalizes your existing ActiveRecord models

ruby activerecord plugin denormalizes existing models