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pydata / pandas

For questions about contributing to pandas, please ask in the pandas-dev/community channel

python flexible powerful data analysis manipulation data science

coala / coala

http://coala.io/ - Newcomers Guide at http://coala.io/newcomer , channel list at https://coala.io/channels Newcomers: help us with code review! This is a great learning opportunity and very much appreciated! Pass on your knowledge to the others.

python easy code analysis application coala

presidentbeef / brakeman

A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications

ruby static analysis security vulnerability scanner brakeman

glebm / i18n-tasks

Manage translation and localization with static analysis, for Ruby i18n

ruby manage translation localization static analysis

aloctavodia / Doing_bayesian_data_analysis

Python/PyMC3 versions of the programs described in Doing bayesian data analysis by John K. Kruschke

python versions programs bayesian data analysis

dit4c / dit4c

DIT4C - This is the **public** room, which is searchable by Google et al. If you have private info you want to post put it in the "dit4c" org room.

scala dit4c platform hosting data analysis

es-analysis / plato

JavaScript source code visualization, static analysis, and complexity tool

javascript source code visualization static analysis

freeman-lab / zebra

Analysis code and example iPython notebooks for zebrafish imaging

python analysis code ipython notebooks zebrafish

igraph / igraph

Library for the analysis of networks — https://igraph.discourse.group/ — https://igraph.org

c library analysis networks

losonczylab / sima

Python package for analysis of dynamic fluorescence microscopy data

python package analysis dynamic fluorescence microscopy

pietrobraione / jbse

A symbolic Java virtual machine for program analysis, verification and test generation

java symbolic virtual machine program analysis

pynbody / pynbody

N-body and hydro analysis tools for python 2 and 3

python n-body hydro analysis tools

VisTrails / VisTrails

VisTrails is an open-source data analysis and visualization tool. It provides a comprehensive provenance infrastructure that maintains detailed history information about the steps followed and data derived in the course of an exploratory task: VisTrails maintains provenance of data products, of the computational processes that derive these products and their executions.

python vistrails open-source data analysis visualization NYU

biocore / emperor

Emperor a tool for the analysis and visualization of large microbial ecology datasets

python emperor tool analysis visualization large

etkirsch / Orpheus

An analysis suite in C++ dedicated to decoding signals within music files. Pre-Alpha.

analysis suite dedicated decoding signals music