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Flipkart / foxtrot

A store abstraction and analytics system for real-time event data.

java store abstraction analytics system real-time

MarkRabey / real-time-analytics

A simple proof of concept for real-time analytics with Node.js and

javascript simple proof concept real-time analytics

rakam-io / rakam

An analytics platform that allows you to create your own analytics services

java analytics platform create services

yahoo-maha / community

A framework for rapid reporting API development; with out of the box support for high cardinality dimension lookups with druid.

big-data druid oracle hive presto sql scala analytics star-schema api-framework timeseries

iDoMeteor / OnePageWonder

A jQuery and Bootstrap mini-CMS built on the Meteor JS platform for quickly deploying one page scrolling web sites.

meteor meteorjs javascript js ecma es6 opw onepagewonder cms bootstrap jquery analytics open source oss

tpitale / staccato

Ruby library to track into the official Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

ruby library track official google analytics

daniellmb / MemSnap

MemSnap is a 0.2KB analytics micro-library written in both CoffeeScript and JavaScript that logs memory use snapshots over time.

memsnap 02kb analytics micro-library written coffeescript

robinschreiner / gas

Google Analytics on Steroids. A Google Analytics implementation with more power features.

javascript google analytics steroids implementation power