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ethereum / web3.js

Ethereum node JavaScript API -

javascript ethereum compatible api

h2oai / h2o-3

Fast Scalable Machine Learning API For Smarter Applications

java fast scalable machine learning api data science

uscensusbureau / general

for general q/a's about programmatic access to Census data. See API Uptime: join us on Slack:

census api chat geocoding tigerweb statistics

MrSwitch / hello.js

A Javascript RESTFUL API library for connecting with OAuth2 services, such as Google+ API, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect

javascript restful api library connecting oauth2

nodatime / nodatime

A better date and time API for .NET

date time api net

typicode / json-server

Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)

javascript full fake rest api coding

pksunkara / alpaca

Please ask if you have any doubts regarding alpaca or how to use it

go doubts alpaca web api generate

openprocurement / openprocurement.api

API interface to OpenProcurement database. Обговорення питань інтеграції та ідентифікація помилок.

python api interface openprocurement database

dareid / chakram

REST API test framework. BDD and exploits promises

javascript rest api test framework bdd

apiaryio / api-blueprint

Deprecated Gitter channel for API Blueprint, please use instead

api blueprint

mgonto / restangular

AngularJS service to handle Rest API Restful Resources properly and easily

javascript angularjs service handle rest api

mgp25 / SC-API

PHP library of Snapchat’s private API

php library private api

neomerx / json-api

Framework agnostic JSON API ( implementation

php framework agnostic json api jsonapiorg

pksunkara / octonode

Support channel for octonode (github api library in node.js) | Unpublished v0.6.1, DO NOT USE IT!!

coffeescript support channel octonode github api

nfephp-org / nfephp

API para comunicação entre o emitente de NFe e os serviços dos SEFAZ estaduais. Inteiramente construído em PHP, roda em qualquer sistema operacional.

php api para entre emitente de

SeldonIO / seldon-server

Enterprise machine learning platform for prediction and recommendation on Apache Spark.

java serves predictions rest api machinelearning AI recsys seldon

AnujaK / restfiddle

An Enterprise-grade API Management Platform for Teams. RESTFiddle helps you design, develop, test and release APIs.

java enterprise-grade api management platform teams

os / slacker

Full-featured Python interface for the Slack API

python full-featured interface slack api

chrisbjr / api-guard

A simple way of authenticating your RESTful APIs with API keys using Laravel 4

php simple authenticating restful apis api

SocialHarvest / harvester

The Social Harvest server that exposes an API and harvests data from the web to be analyzed.

go social harvest server exposes api

nixsolutions / yandex-php-library

PHP библиотека к API Яндекса

php api

PureLayout / PureLayout

The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. Objective-C and Swift compatible.

objective-c ultimate api ios os auto

mgp25 / SnAPI-Chat

PHP library of Snapchat’s private API

php library private api

GLO3102 / UMovie

API de gestion de films fournie pour le cours GLO-3102 - Développement d'applications web - Université Laval.

javascript api de gestion films fournie