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platformio / platformio

An open source ecosystem for IoT development. Cross-platform code builder and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino and MBED compatible. Ready for Cloud compiling.

code arduino mbed teensy embedded stm32 IoT IDE build library manager

dev-ua / DIY

Arduino, DIY, embedded. MacGyver rumored to be here.

arduino diy embedded macgyver rumored

z3t0 / Arduino-IRremote

Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols

infrared remote library arduino send receive

nodebotsau / nbdau

NodeBots Day. Next event: International NodeBots Day, 23/7(Melb & Bris), 30/7 (Syd)

arduino nodebots day event international july

sandeepmistry / arduino-BLEPeripheral

An Arduino library for creating custom BLE peripherals using the Nordic Semiconductor's nRF8001 or nR51822.

c arduino library creating custom ble

firmata / firmata-builder

A utility to generate an Arduino file from a selection of Firmata features.

javascript utility generate arduino file selection

NETponents / octoduino

Arduino sketch that allows programming in multiple scripting languages from an SD card.

arduino sketch programming multiple scripting languages

howtocode-com-bd / arduino.howtocode.com.bd

বাংলায় Arduino ভিত্তিক এম্বেডেড সিস্টেম এর খুঁটি নাটি


linagee / esp8266ArduinoToggle

esp8266/Arduino project for hosting a wifi access point and toggling a pin that will be connected to a relay

arduino project hosting wifi access point

m3nd3s / arduino-tcc

Trabalho de conclusão de curso feito em Arduino, é um servidor Web embarcado no Arduino que possui uma interface Web capaz de configurar o mesmo.

trabalho de curso feito em arduino

jeroendoggen / Arduino-class

Arduino class: tutorials, articles and code samples for an embedded systems class using the Arduino platform

arduino class tutorials articles code samples

MadLittleMods / macchiato

Mocha/Chai inspired C++ test framework for desktop and Arduino (BDD)

testing arduino c++

JayBeavers / Reflecta

Arduino communications protocol focusing on remote access to GPIO and I2c and remote function calls

arduino communications protocol focusing remote access

JayBeavers / RocketBot

Repository for the RocketBot 2012 source code and design files

arduino repository rocketbot source code design

semu / noduino

JS and Node.js Framework for controlling Arduino over WebSockets

css js nodejs framework controlling arduino

mpost / chory

Chory is an android and arduino based project to control a robot from an android application.

java chory android arduino based project