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biocoder / Perl-for-Bioinformatics

An attempt to help anyone interested in using Perl for Bioinformatics

perl attempt interested bioinformatics

obinnae / cs156b-apex

More than your average attempt to improve Cinematch's Netflix recommendation system

average attempt improve cinematch netflix recommendation

rahul080327 / medusa

An attempt at making Python stronger and faster like Medusa herself!

javascript attempt making python stronger faster

viniborges / winforms-modernui

My humble attempt to bring the new Modern UI alias Metro UI of Windows 8 to .NET Windows Forms applications ...

humble attempt bring modern ui alias

setkeh / Go-PAAS

My Attempt at Designing a Paas with LXC And GO

attempt designing paas lxc

drewleonard42 / Cython-Crotate

Attempt to replace the C extension for SunPy's Crotate() method with equivalent Cython code.

c attempt replace extension sunpy crotate

richlewis42 / scikit-chem

Quick attempt at a python scientific stack compatable cheminformatics library, based on the RDKit library.

python quick attempt scientific stack compatable

Tokyo-Buffalo / lets-practice-js

Week by week, we take a look at a different problem and attempt to solve it.

javascript week problem attempt solve

cvigano / dnsutils-ldns

This is an attempt to reproduce the functionality of dnsutils using the ldns library

c attempt reproduce functionality dnsutils ldns

optimis / lograge

An attempt to tame Rails' default policy to log everything.

ruby attempt tame rails default policy

s4ke / HibernateSearchQueryExtension

This project is an attempt (currently more of a proof of concept) to make queries in Hibernate even easier than with the already existing DSL.

java project attempt proof concept make