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xolvio / chimp

You can also join our Slack channel here: http://community.xolv.io

javascript bdd acceptance testing package combining

dareid / chakram

REST API test framework. BDD and exploits promises

javascript rest api test framework bdd

unexpectedjs / unexpected

The extensible BDD assertion toolkit + webpack support hotline :)

javascript minimalistic bdd assertion toolkit

shouldjs / should.js

BDD style assertions for node.js -- test framework agnostic

javascript bdd style assertions nodejs --

boost-experimental / ut

[Boost::ext].UT: C++17/20 μ(micro)/Unit Testing Framework - https://bit.ly/ut-quick-start

testing tdd bdd boost cpp20 header-only single-module

yamadapc / bed

bed is a work-in-progress BDD testing framework for D

d bed work-in-progress bdd testing framework

verkholantsev / js-must

An assertion library for JavaScript and Node.js with a friendly BDD syntax (awesome.must.be.true()). It ships with many expressive matchers and is test runner and framework agnostic. Follows RFC 2119 with its use of MUST. Good stuff and well tested.

javascript assertion library nodejs friendly bdd

honest-code / honestcode

The HonestCode client is a tool which helps DevOps to integrate different systems with honestcode.io

bdd atdd acceptance testing cucumber