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kriasoft / babel-starter-kit

JavaScript library boilerplate, a project template for authoring and publishing JavaScript libraries built with ES6+, Babel, Browserify, BrowserSync, Mocha, Chai, Sinon

javascript library boilerplate project template authoring

choonkending / react-webpack-node

Boilerplate for an isomorphic React + Flux application with alt using webpack running on a node express server

javascript boilerplate isomorphic react flux application

gdg-x / boomerang

GDG boilerplate, feeds from DevSite and Google+ using AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.

javascript gdg boilerplate feeds devsite angularjs

donjakobo / A3M

A3M - Bootstrapped - A CodeIgniter OpenID/Oauth boilerplate library utilizing Twitter Bootstrap UI

php a3m bootstrapped codeigniter boilerplate library

shorttompkins / benm

Boilerplate web app using Backbone.js, ExpressJS, node.js, MongoDB

javascript boilerplate web app backbonejs expressjs

mg6maciej / hrisey

Hrisey - boilerplate code suppressor tool for Android platform

java hrisey boilerplate code suppressor tool

baconface / php-webkit

PHP-Webkit is a boilerplate that allows you to package and run PHP applications within a NW.js (formally node-webkit) project.

javascript php-webkit boilerplate package run php

dcsan / flowwy

Boilerplate app that integrates Meteor + Famo.us + FlowRouter

javascript boilerplate app integrates meteor famous

use-init / init

INIT extends HTML5 Boilerplate, adds more structure for SCSS and JavaScripts files, includes build tasks and a whole lot more.

javascript init extends html5 boilerplate adds

burnbright / silverstripe-bootstrap

A SilverStripe boilerplate theme, running on Bootstrap. Uses less as the css preprocessor via grunt.

javascript silverstripe boilerplate theme running bootstrap

lukaspili / Auto-Mortar

MVP with Mortar + Flow + Dagger2. Without the boilerplate code.

java mvp mortar flow dagger2 boilerplate

nuragic / marionette-bootstrap

An application boilerplate built with Backbone Marionette (v2.x) and Twitter Bootstrap (v3.x).

javascript application boilerplate built backbone marionette

lexbi / Big-Juicy-Sass

Just my own personal boilerplate, you don't have to use it, but it's filled with plugins and such. Uses php, so this good for templating on a mamp/xampp environment

css personal boilerplate filled plugins php

MIGHTYminnow / trestle

(beta) A handy boilerplate child theme for serious Genesis developers.

php beta handy boilerplate child theme

derek-skinner / Inflame

Inflame is a boilerplate for web projects that allows you to get up and running quickly, including build tasks, automation, and more.

apacheconf inflame boilerplate web projects running

Cotya / generator

reduce the needed boilerplate code to write for new database based modules to a bit of xml

php reduce needed boilerplate code write

mattyza / starter-plugin

A lean WordPress plugin boilerplate, ready for your next project.

php lean wordpress plugin boilerplate ready

F1ow / generator-npm

NPM Generator is a Yeoman Generator which creates the boilerplate code for a new npm package with coffeescript support.

javascript npm generator yeoman creates boilerplate

theblacksmith / chubbs

Middleman Compass Haml (Uhu!) Boilerplate Bootstrap Sass Template

javascript middleman compass haml uhu boilerplate

williamle8300 / hackathon-starter

A boilerplate for Node.js web applications. This particular port will use Nunjucks (templating), and PhantomJS.

css boilerplate nodejs web applications port