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fermino / WhatsBot

A module-based, user-friendly whatsapp bot. Contribute to the community

php module-based user-friendly whatsapp bot contribute

finnp / gitter-irc-bot

:speech_balloon: Bot that synchronises messages from gitter and irc

javascript speech_balloon bot synchronises messages gitter

BenDol / otclient-candybot

CandyBot is designed to fill the 'bot' gap for OTClient. Botting is a big part of OpenTibia, many people have demanded this functionality for OTClient so people that want to just have fun in OpenTibia servers can do so.

lua candybot designed fill bot gap

BigBrotherBot / big-brother-bot

Big Brother Bot B3 is a complete and total server administration package for online games. B3 is designed primarily to keep your server free from the derelicts of online gaming, but offers more, much more.

python big brother bot b3 complete

phase / PhaseBot

A Minecraft bot that does various tasks

java minecraft bot tasks

Milk-Enterprises / Gambot

Issues: https://waffle.io/milk-enterprises/gambot | Pull requests: http://issue2pr.herokuapp.com/ | When in doubt: https://github.com/zigdon/xkcd-Bucket

milk side waffles irc bot future

darthlukan / gobot

A basic IRC bot using github.com/thoj/go-ircevent

go basic irc bot

zippynk / quotebot

A Jokebot-based IRC Bot for taking quotes adding them to a Quote DB.

python jokebot-based irc bot taking quotes

goliney / uwc2015-frontend-q1

Gitter bot | First qualifying round of UWC2015 - Front-end developer / Javascript (Middle/Senior)

javascript gitter bot qualifying round uwc2015

garrettw / pierce

PIeRCe is an IRC bot framework written for PHP 5.5+.

php pierce irc bot framework written

skeet70 / mtgpricebot

A pricing bot for the #mtgsalvation IRC channel. Uses mtgprice.com for pricing data.

python pricing bot irc channel mtgpricecom

katmai7 / gitter-bot

Gitter bot(https://github.com/katmai7/gitter-bot)

javascript gitter bot

Jarvis-Bot / Jarvis-Core

A flexible, customizable, kind bot. Simple to use, easy to extend.

ruby flexible customizable kind bot simple

Detegr / HBot

Irc bot in Haskell. Plugins can be added/removed on the fly.

haskell irc bot plugins fly

pirogoeth / ashiema

IRC bot written in python with an event driven framework

python irc bot written event driven

kellyirc / kurea

an irc bot framework - discuss with us in irc.esper.net#kellyirc!

coffeescript irc bot framework discuss