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RocketChat / Rocket.Chat

Please see https://demo.rocket.chat/channel/contributors for the active community

html slack online chat built meteor

go-lang-plugin-org / go-lang-idea-plugin

[NOT ACTIVELY MAINTAINED, use https://www.jetbrains.com/go/ or https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/9568-go] Google Go language plugin for the Intellij Platform

java google language ide built intellij go golang

NodeBB / NodeBB

Node.js based forum software built for the modern web

javascript nodejs based forum software built

dc-js / dc.js

Multi-Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered with d3.js

javascript multi-dimensional charting built work natively

anvilresearch / connect

A modern authorization server built to authenticate your users and protect your APIs

coffeescript modern authorization server built authenticate

allegro / hermes

Fast and reliable message broker built on top of Kafka.

java fast reliable message broker built

Soundnode / soundnode-app

Soundnode App is the Soundcloud for desktop. Built with Electron, AngularJS and consuming Soundcloud API.

javascript soundnode app soundcloud desktop built

gpbl / isomorphic500

A small “isomorphic” app built with React and Fluxible

javascript small app built react fluxible

JoelOtter / termloop

Terminal-based game engine for Go, built on top of Termbox

go terminal-based game engine built top

thoughtbot / refills

Refills are prepackaged patterns and components, built on top of Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat.

css refills prepackaged patterns components built

niftylettuce / igloo

Igloo is a library of components built with electrolyte to be used as building blocks for an app.

javascript igloo library components built electrolyte

Southclaw / ScavengeSurvive

A PvP SA:MP server script built upon the SIF framework, the aim of the game is to find supplies to help you survive, either alone or in a group. The overall objective is to build a stable community and defend it from hostile players.

pawn pvp samp server script built

leeluolee / puer

more than a live-reload server, built for efficient frontend development

coffeescript live-reload server built efficient frontend

coodoo / react-alt-isomorphic-example

An isomorphic example built with react and alt, see readme for detailed instructions

javascript isomorphic built react alt readme

Jasig / uPortal

Consider instead chatting in IRC #jasig-uportal channel on freenode. https://wiki.jasig.org/display/UPC/IRC+Channels . More active chatting happening there.

java enterprise open source portal built

mono / f-spot

Desktop Photo Management software built on top of the Gnome platform, F-Spot

desktop photo management software built top

firebug / firebug.next

Next Firebug generation built on top of native Firefox developer tools

javascript firebug generation built top native

vinipsmaker / tufao

Tufão asynchronous web framework for C++/Qt | development and discussion | Mirror irc://irc.freenode.net/#tufao

asynchronous web framework built top qt

dkpro / dkpro-tc

UIMA-based text classification framework built on top of DKPro Core and DKPro Lab.

java uima-based text classification framework built

mcollina / levelgraph

Graph database built on top of LevelUP with pattern-matching and join support. Works on both Node.js and the browsers.

javascript graph database built top levelup

antwarjs / antwar

A static site generator built with react and webpack.

css static site generator built react

trinidad / trinidad

Web server for Rails/Rack applications built upon JRuby::Rack and Apache Tomcat

ruby web server applications built jrubyrack

CoreProc / laravel-db-backup

Command line database backup built for Laravel. Originally forked from schickling/laravel-backup

php command line database backup built

remind101 / empire

A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)

go paas built top amazon ec2

crcn / paperclip.js

reactive DOM template engine built for speed, and extensibility

javascript reactive dom template engine built

Gazler / teaspoon

Teaspoon: A Javascript test runner built on top of Rails - use Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit in the browser or headlessly using PhantomJS or with Selenium Webdriver.

javascript teaspoon test runner built top

DerekMaffett / patient-tracker

A tally counter app built with Ruby on Rails and jQuery Mobile.

tally counter app built ruby rails

vkoudela / koldy-php-framework

Koldy is PHP framework built for developers who wants to build web easy, fast, scalable and secure.

php koldy framework built developers build

erlandsona / Slipabeat

A Midi Interface/Frontend built on the Chrome Apps API's

javascript midi built chrome apps api