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Gitter / javascript

A general chat about JavaScript. Ask anything you like or share your best cat picture. Please check Google/StackOverflow for answers before asking for help. And remember, be nice! Don't ask to ask, just ask

general chat javascript share cat picture

FreeCodeCamp / PairProgrammingWomen

this room is for women only. Please do not join this room if you are not a woman.

women-only chat room helps women pair

dev-ua / python

Community Chat for Python Lovers. FAQ: https://gist.github.com/listochkin/c81c198a2b7b044a0dc5

community chat python lovers faq

uscensusbureau / general

INACTIVE CHANNEL: Please join us on Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/uscensusbureau/shared_invite/zt-optzh7xs-ApNgf5Yqbo_u2ANXQv67cQ

census api chat geocoding tigerweb statistics

php-ua / php

PHP Friends Club Chat: PHP, обсуждаем новости, делимся опытом. About - http://phpfriends.club/chats.html

php ua chat

RocketChat / Rocket.Chat

Please see https://demo.rocket.chat/channel/contributors for the active community

html slack online chat built meteor

dev-ua / go

Chat for Go developers of Ukraine

chat developers ukraine

dev-ua / erlang

Chat for Erlang and Elixir Lovers. FAQ: https://gist.github.com/listochkin/c81c198a2b7b044a0dc5

chat erlang elixir lovers faq

codebar / tutorials

Tutorials related chat. For other discussions please join https://gitter.im/codebar/chat

css tutorials related chat discussions join

webuildsg / live

Ep53 on CSS in large web apps with Chris Lienert on 6 Jan 2018, Saturday @11am. Join the live stream at https://live.webuild.sg/ All live episodes are released later for download. Subscribe to all the episodes via RSS (https://live.webuild.sg/feed.xml) or iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/we-build-sg-live/id713804010)

podcast chat singapore technology engineering community conversations webuild webuildsg

resbaz / resbaz

This is the place where the ResBaz community chats about topics of interest and/or posts questions about digital research tools and skills. Think of it this way: if your topic is a little too detailed for Twitter (@ResBaz), then the ResBaz Gitter channel is the place to come. Just remember that it's a **public** page, so anyone can view and join the conversation.

place community chat topics interest post

pyconjp / pyconjp2015-ja

PyCon JP 2015 chat room for Japanese (English -> https://gitter.im/pyconjp/pyconjp2015-en)

repository pycon jp chat roomjapanese

bullgit / chat

welcome to public awesomeness! please chat in english.

public awesomeness chat english

EasyEngine / easyengine

Please don't use this chat for support requests. This is for coding related discussion only.

shell chat support requests coding related

scireum / OpenSource

General discussions and chit chat about OpenSource software made by scireum - http://www.scireum.de

general discussions chit chat opensource software

dev-ua / dart

Dart is a programming language by Google. We chat about it.

dart programming language google chat

creative / coding

Welcome to the Creative Coding Chat. Set yourself up, let your mind be free, your expressions be infinite. Please remember chat archives are public. We're all friends here! :]

creative coding chat set mind free

TokyoR / r-wakalang

Just chat or Q&A conversation related to R

chat conversation related

opojs / talk

Deprecated channel. Please join @ opojs.slack.com!

gitter chat room community

JekyllSnippets / chat

Just an empty Repository to open up a Gitter.im Chat at https://gitter.im/JekyllSnippets/chat - everyone is free to join and chat about Jekyll.

empty repository open gitterim chat free

Learnosity / Support

This is a public chat room to discuss Learnosity open source services. Please do not post anything you want to remain private.

public chat room discuss learnosity open

litaio / lita

A robot companion for your company's chat room.

ruby robot companion company chat room

HeisenBugDev / QuantumCraft

The official chat room for QuantumCraft developers and people who are interested in helping out!

java official chat room quantumcraft developers

Learnosity / learnosity-demos

This is a public chat room to discuss the Learnosity Demos site

php public chat room discuss learnosity