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milessabin / kittens

Kittens has moved to the github typelevel organization and has a new gitter channel at: https://gitter.im/typelevel/kittens. This channel is now closed.

scala automatic type class derivation cats

advanced-js / syllabus

syllabus for the Advanced JavaScript class at NYU

syllabus javascript class nyu js

timofurrer / w1thermsensor

This little pure python module provides a single class to get the temperature of a w1 sensor like DS1822, DS18S20 & DS18B20

python pure module single class temperature

codefellows / sea-b29-iOS

Class repository for Code Fellows Jan 5th 2014 iOS Development Accelerator

class repository code fellows jan 5th

angular-ui / ui-scrollpoint

Add a 'ui-scrollpoint' class to elements when the page scrolls past them.

javascript add ui-scrollpoint class elements page

AbcAeffchen / Sephpa

PHP class to create SEPA xml files for credit transfer and direct debit

php class create sepa xml files

nielse63 / php-image-cache

Image Cache is a very simple PHP class that accepts an image source and will compress and cache the file, move it to a new directory, and returns the new source for the image.

javascript image cache simple php class

wsdl2phpgenerator / wsdl2phpgenerator

Simple utility and class library for generating php classes from a wsdl file.

php simple utility class library generating

mirshko / gravegirl

The GitHub repo for the Gravegirl Advanced Topics class project.

github repo gravegirl advanced topics class

jseto / jrtti

C++ class template library providing rtti-reflection capabilities. Gives reflection abstraction access for standard and custom C++ types and classes. Exposes class members at run time, wich can be accessed by name. Object serialization and deserialization and annotations.

class template library providing rtti-reflection capabilities

mekentosj / DMSplitView

New NSSplitView class with multiple subviews resize behaviors and animated transitions

objective-c nssplitview class multiple subviews resize

alexruperez / PFLinkedInUtils

The #PFLinkedInUtils class provides utility functions for working with #LinkedIn in a #Parse application.

objective-c class utility functions working application

francopestilli / stats-k310

MatLab tutorials and examples for Class K310 Spring 2014, University of Indiana Bloomington

matlab tutorials examples class k310 spring

bigtunacan / codewithjoe

This is the website where my live streaming class schedules and other related announcements will be placed.

website live streaming class schedules related

UAF-CS372-Spring-2015 / the-platformer

Waffle.io: https://waffle.io/UAF-CS372-Spring-2015/the-platformer

project cs372 class spring

jasondew / todo_list

An example application for the Rails Kickstart class

ruby application rails kickstart class

farhadi / IntlDateTime

An extented version of php 5 DateTime class with integrated IntlDateFormatter functionality which adds support for multible calendars and locales provided by ICU project.

php extented version datetime class integrated

jeroendoggen / Arduino-class

Arduino class: tutorials, articles and code samples for an embedded systems class using the Arduino platform

arduino class tutorials articles code samples

cureos / shim

Shim expands the ability to create Portable Class Libraries by providing reduced or dummy implementations of .NET Framework classes that are not represented in PCL.

shim expands ability create portable class

tarans22 / quizapp

The simplest way to give your class a quiz

simplest give class quiz

kivo360 / VehiclePoly

Polymorphisim with C++. Was from a class

polymorphisim class

paperlesspost / redised

a simple module that allows you to setup your class or module with a redis connection

ruby simple module setup class redis

hatred / Vector

A dummy implementation similar to the STL vector class supporting Lazy copy-on-write

dummy implementation similar stl vector class

cerebrate / arkane-base

Base class library for Arkane Systems projects and free reuse

base class library arkane systems projects

lbdremy / node-httperror

HTTPError class extends Error (stack in). var err = new HTTPError(req,res,message);

javascript httperror class extends error stack

tracesmart / spyc

A simple YAML loader/dumper class for PHP

php simple yaml class

jmas / storage

The Storage is PHP class that provide simple API for working with SQL database.

php storage class provide simple api