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deeplearning4j / deeplearning4j

**PLEASE NOTE: 🚨**This is not an all-purpose hotline for deep learning, and we don't have the resources to support DL frameworks other than DL4J. So please focus questions on Deeplearning4j and ND4J. - Room Guidelines: - Ask your question first instead of asking to ask or introducing yourself. - Please get started here:

java distributed clojure scala deeplearning machinelearning platform opensource

clojure-emacs / cider

CIDER is a Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rock for Emacs

cider clojure ide repl emacs

dev-ua / clojure

Do you <3 Clojure? Enjoys ClojureScript? Welcome to our community! FAQ:

clojure enjoys clojurescript community faq

onyx-platform / onyx

Distributed, masterless, fault tolerant data processing for Clojure

clojure distributed masterless fault tolerant data

tonsky / datascript

Immutable database and Datalog query engine in ClojureScript

clojure immutable database datalog query engine

tonsky / rum

Yet another React wrapper for ClojureScript. Decomplected, extensible, simple

clojure react wrapper clojurescript decomplected extensible

plexus / chestnut

Application template for ClojureScript/Om with live reloading.

clojure application template live reloading

Gozala / wisp

Homoiconic JS with clojure syntax, s-expressions & macros

wisp homoiconic js clojure syntax s-expressions

htm-community / clortex

(pre-alpha) Implementation of Jeff Hawkins' Hierarchical Temporal Memory & Cortical Learning Algorithm

clojure pre-alpha implementation jeff hawkins hierarchical

jarohen / yoyo

Yo-yo is a lightweight library for starting, reloading (via and stopping Clojure systems in a functional style.

clojure yo-yo lightweight library starting reloading

mikera / core.matrix

core.matrix : Multi-dimensional array programming API for Clojure

clojure corematrix multi-dimensional array programming api

metasoarous / semantic-csv

High level tools for CSV parsing built on

clojure high level tools csv parsing

practicalli / devsummer-clojure

A workshop for the - Getting started with Clojure coding - for Devoxx UK 2015

html workshop started clojure coding devoxx

quality-clojure / qualityclj

Assess Clojure libraries based on a number of different metrics.

clojure assess libraries based number metrics

wkf / hawk

Clojure file and directory watcher using the JDK 7 java.nio.file.WatchService and Barbary WatchService

clojure file directory watcher jdk

scgilardi / slingshot

Enhanced try and throw for Clojure leveraging Clojure's capabilities

clojure enhanced throw leveraging capabilities

mikera / vectorz-clj

Fast matrix and vector maths library for Clojure - as a core.matrix implementation

clojure fast matrix vector maths library

QinAIns / wechat



wkf / aviary

A Clojure library designed to improve your development experience without putting you in a cage.

clojure library designed improve development experience

mpenet / jet

Jetty9 ring server adapter with WebSocket support via core.async and Jetty9 based HTTP & WebSocket clients (jvm based, no cljs)

clojure jetty9 ring server adapter websocket