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BabylonJS / Babylon.js

Babylon.js: a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL

javascript babylonjs complete framework building 3d

cristianprofile / spring-boot-mvc-complete-example

spring boot mvc complete example integration and unit test with @config classes

java spring boot mvc complete integration

bythebay / pipeline

Complete Pipeline Training at Big Data Scala By the Bay

complete pipeline training big data scala

BigBrotherBot / big-brother-bot

Big Brother Bot B3 is a complete and total server administration package for online games. B3 is designed primarily to keep your server free from the derelicts of online gaming, but offers more, much more.

python big brother bot b3 complete

mkusher / padawan.php

php intelligent code completion http server

php vim complete

3DGenomes / TADbit

TADbit is a complete Python library to deal with all steps to analyze, model and explore 3C-based data. With TADbit the user can map FASTQ files to obtain raw interaction binned matrices (Hi-C like matrices), normalize and correct interaction matrices, identify and compare the so-called Topologically Associating Domains (TADs), build 3D models from the interaction matrices, and finally, extract structural properties from the models. TADbit is complemented by TADkit for visualizing 3D models

python tadbit complete library deal steps

TypeStrong / grunt-ts

A grunt task to manage your complete typescript development to production workflow

javascript grunt task manage complete typescript

IrcDotNet / IrcDotNet

IRC.NET is a complete IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for the .NET Framework 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0. It aims to provide a complete and efficient implementation of the protocol as described in RFCs 1459 and 2812, as well as de-facto modern features of the protocol. The .NET Framework version of the library is also intended to compile and run under Mono 2.6 and later. Note: this branches hosted here are clones of the official branches hosted on Launchpad.

ircnet complete irc internet relay chat

Techbot / JiGS-PHP-RPG-engine

The most advanced and complete Php Online RPG and Trading Game Engine

php advanced complete online rpg trading

mavenlink / brainstem-js

Brainstem API adapter for Backbone complete with relational models

coffeescript brainstem api adapter backbone complete

codefellows / PGP-Web-App

A web app that allows students to complete self-assessments so that their instructors can create personalized growth plans for them.

javascript web app students complete self-assessments

AndrewNatoli / PHP-RapidREST

Have a complete CRUD API to prototype your new application in under sixty seconds.

php complete crud api prototype application

WowWeeLabs / MiP-iOS-SDK

Complete IOS SDK and Demo project for controlling the WowWee MiP robot.

objective-c complete ios sdk demo project

andersonsp / cyril

A simple (but complete) game engine in 5k lines of C code

simple complete game engine 5k lines

frest / Projects

Trying to complete over 100 projects in various categories in Python. Fork to learn any new language.

python complete projects categories fork learn

astoilkov / OneScript

:traffic_light: HTML, CSS and JavaScript brought together in one complete solution

traffic_light html css javascript brought complete

oratio-io / safe-instances

A complete, functional, fast, safe and simple Node.js child processing module.

javascript complete functional fast safe simple