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docker / docker

Docker - the open-source application container engine. This chat is intended for contributors new to the Docker project or new to open source. For user help, please goto #docker on freenode. For advanced contributors please goto #docker-dev on freenode.

go docker open-source application container engine devops

inversify / InversifyJS

A powerful and lightweight inversion of control container for JavaScript & Node.js apps powered by TypeScript.

typescript lightweight ioc container written


The dependency injection container for humans

php dependency injection container

ovh / container-registry

This channel is closed. Please join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/27yHfTpv9z

ovh containers registry container k8s docker

io-informatics / transmart-docker

Dockerfiles for different kinds of container deployments of the Transmart Platform

groovy dockerfiles kinds container deployments transmart

ninuxio / docker-flexget

Just a docker container for torrent retrieving from trackt or beta series account

shell docker container torrent retrieving trackt

mariocasciaro / scatter

IoC container and out-of-the-box extensibility for Node.js applications

javascript ioc container out-of-the-box extensibility nodejs

analog-nico / fire-up

Fire Up! is a dependency injection container designed specifically for node.js with a powerful but sleek API.

javascript fire dependency injection container designed

pmoust / docker-solr

Basic Solr container image powered by Jetty (Ubuntu Trusty (LTS) base).

puppet basic solr container image powered

LionsAd / service_container

Service Container Module on drupal.org - used for development and automated testing via travis

php service container module drupalorg development

steida / closure-dicontainer

DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

coffeescript di container google closure automatic

davetayls / jquery.kinetic

Add kinetic scrolling functionality to a container using mouse or touch devices

javascript add kinetic scrolling functionality container

otzy007 / volt-docker

Docker container for VOLT apps http://voltframework.com

docker container volt apps

freaker2k7 / dockerserver / community

DockerDerver - Super lightweight & simple RESTFul distributed server for running docker containers on a remote machine(s) in a secure way. https://dockerserver.io

docker server lightweight rest api remote container