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dotnet / coreclr

This repo contains the .NET Core runtime, called CoreCLR. It is an execution engine for .NET apps, performing functions such as IL byte code loading, compilation to machine code and garbage collection. The repo contains the complete up-to-date CoreCLR codebase.

repo net core runtime dotnet called coreclr

dotnet / corefx

This repo contains the foundational libraries that make up the .NET Core development stack.

repo foundational libraries make net dotnet core

hibernate / hibernate-orm

Hibernate's core Object/Relational Mapping functionality (prefer the hibernate-user room/stream on https://hibernate.zulipchat.com)

java hibernate core mapping functionality orm relational rdbms data

cheeriojs / cheerio

Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.

javascript fast flexible lean implementation core

aws / aws-sdk-core-ruby

Please join http://gitter.im/aws/aws-sdk-ruby instead.

ruby core functionality aws sdk v2

biocore / scikit-bio

Core objects, functions and statistics for working with biological data in Python.

python core objects functions statistics working

TongKuo / WaxSealCore

Core of WaxSeal, a modern and full feature Objective-C wrapper for Keychain Services, Certificate, Key, and Trust Services APIs.

objective-c core waxseal modern full feature

mbraceproject / MBrace.Core

Core repository of the MBrace programming model and runtime basics

core repository mbrace programming model runtime

kandeel / nupic.core

Core algorithms for NuPIC (under construction).

core algorithms nupic construction

srmds / CoreData-CRUD-Swift-2.0-example

An example project that exposes the usage of Core Data to create Entities and to persist to a SQLite Datastore

swift project exposes usage core data

Opentribes / Core

OpenTribes Core module: Provides basic routes for registration/authentification and some other scripts

php opentribes core module basic routes

fairdemocracy / vilfredo-core

vilfredo-core is the core of vilfredo, a consensus-building and decision-making tool

python vilfredo-core core vilfredo consensus-building decision-making

forGGe / theCore

The Core is highly configurable, straightforward C++ embedded framework with minimum set of development dependencies.

core embedded cpp c++ FreeRTOS theCore stm32 particle cortex ARM bare-metal

hmrc / play-ui

Core for HMRC's UI, incl. formatters, validators, mappers and helper templates

scala core hmrc ui incl formatters

emojidex / emojidex

Core tools for emojidex / full emojidex toolkit written in Ruby

ruby core tools emojidex full toolkit

jasonrhodes / gdi-core-javascript

Core Intro Javascript course. Material based on original material by Sara Chipps, Pamela Fox, Alexis Goldstein, Izzy Johnston and Leo Newball.

core intro javascript material based original

vmarquez / scalaz

An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming.

scala extension core library functional programming

2gis / nuclear-aggregates-layer

Core libraries with separate read and write stacks implementation and aggregate (in DDD style) services abstractions

core libraries separate read write stacks

0X1A / core-utils

A reimplementation of the GNU core utils in the Rust programming language

rust reimplementation gnu core utils programming

Lucid KV / community

High performance and distributed KV store accessible through an HTTP API. 🦀

core api web-ui bug documentation question