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emberjs / ember.js

Ember.js - A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

javascript emberjs framework creating ambitious web frontend

chef / chef-provisioning

Deprecated - please sign up at http://community-slack.chef.io/ and join #chef-provisioning

ruby library creating machines infrastructures idempotently

mikepenz / MaterialDrawer

A simple take on creating an easy to use and fast material navigation drawer implementation

java simple creating easy fast material design

gouzouni / kivy

Open source Python framework for creating NUI applications, running on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS

open source python framework creating nui

ochrons / scalajs-spa-tutorial

Tutorial for creating a simple Single Page Application in ScalaJS

scala tutorial creating simple single page

mulesoft / api-designer

A web editor for creating and sharing RAML API specifications

javascript web editor creating sharing raml

acss-io / atomizer

A tool for creating Atomic CSS, a collection of single purpose styling units for maximum reuse

javascript tool creating atomic css collection

j5js / nodebots-interchange

Project related to creating hardware backpacks for your nodebot to make them more capable.

project related creating hardware backpacks nodebot

sandeepmistry / arduino-BLEPeripheral

An Arduino library for creating custom BLE peripherals using the Nordic Semiconductor's nRF8001 or nR51822.

c arduino library creating custom ble

poetic / ember-cli-cordova

A tool for creating hybrid apps using a combination of ember-cli and cordova

javascript tool creating hybrid apps combination

bvaughn / angular-form-for

Set of Angular directives to simplify creating and validating HTML forms.

javascript set angular directives simplify creating

wise9 / enchant.js

A simple JavaScript framework for creating games and apps

javascript simple framework creating games apps

SpiderOak / crypton

A framework for creating zero-knowledge web & mobile applications

javascript framework creating zero-knowledge web mobile

TryKickoff / kickoff

A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites

css lightweight front-end framework creating scalable

nikogu / amo

A javascript library for creating CSS3 animation.

javascript library creating css3 animation

segmentio / deku

A simple library for creating UI components using virtual DOM.

javascript simple library creating ui components

stebru / stackbox

Stackbox is a jQuery plugin for creating stackable modal boxes

javascript stackbox jquery plugin creating stackable

CRESS-Surrey / eXtraWidgets

An extension for creating additional interface tabs in the NetLogo GUI and putting custom widgets on them.

scala extension creating additional interface tabs

Bizboard / arva-js

Using the latest ES6 standards creating a simple, compact MVC for Famous applications.

javascript latest es6 standards creating simple

muzhack / muzhack

Web application for registering recipes for creating musical instruments.

css web application registering recipes creating

prsimp / resque

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.

ruby resque redis-backed library creating background

shamansir / rpd

:ok_hand: A Minimal Engine for creating Node-Based User Interfaces

javascript ok_hand minimal engine creating node-based

jstacoder / flask-xxl

A best practices approach to creating large web apps, with the goal of making flask feel more like django

python practices approach creating large web

SeedboxCreator / SeedboxCreationScript

Scripts and related items for creating a fully featured Seedbox on various Linux platforms.

shell scripts related items creating fully

FictionIO / ofxArtboard

Openframeworks Addon for creating photoshop like 2d artboard

c openframeworks addon creating photoshop 2d

MorrisLLC / grunt-war

Pure JavaScript implementation for creating a WAR for deployment on a servlet container.

javascript pure implementation creating war deployment

dghubble / sling

A Go REST client library for creating and sending requests.

go rest client library creating sending

zenflow / ractive-isomorphic

Extended version of Ractive for creating a website viewmodel and implementing it on both client and server.

javascript extended version ractive creating website

rtc-io / rtc-quickconnect

An opinionated approach to creating WebRTC apps (both media and datachannels supported)

javascript opinionated approach creating webrtc apps

Robdel12 / DropKick

A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful, graceful, and painless custom dropdowns.

javascript jquery plugin creating beautiful graceful

maciejczyzewski / hyhyhy

A tool for easily creating pure and simple HTML5 presentations or websites.

python tool easily creating pure simple

georgetmayorga / pkg-cat

an email application creating collections of links, content, and attachments shareable via email

css email application creating collections links

fablab-ka / OpenSCAD2D

OpenSCAD2D is a software for creating solid 2D CAD objects.

python openscad2d software creating solid 2d

kpko / OData.js

A small and easy to use library for creating OData queries.

javascript small easy library creating odata

developer-prosenjit / AnimatedResponsiveImageGrid

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image grid that will switch images using different animations and timings. This can work nicely as a background or decorative element of a website since we can randomize the appearance of new images and their transitions.

javascript jquery plugin creating responsive image

kennethkalmer / daemon-kit

Daemon Kit aims to simplify creating Ruby daemons by providing a sound application skeleton (through a generator), task specific generators (jabber bot, etc) and robust environment management code.

ruby daemon kit aims simplify creating