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Telaxus / EPESI

EPESI is a free and open source CRM PHP/Ajax Framework for rapid development of database driven ERP web applications

php epesi free open source crm

Innofactor / XrmToolBox.Plugins

Tools for XrmToolBox developed by Cinteros

tools crm xrmtoolbox

amoedo / CRM-Fluent-Extension

A set of extension to the CRM SDK to enable a more fluent interface.

set extension crm sdk enable fluent

dazinator / CrmUp

CrmUp helps you to deploy changes to Microsoft Dynamics Crm in a Continuos manner using a Migrations approach.

crmup helps deploy microsoft dynamics crm

mbjornson / fat_free_crm

Ruby on Rails CRM platform for Web 2.0 and beyond

ruby rails crm platform web