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LaravelRUS / chat

Russian Laravel chat ☕🚀

laravel php

getgrav / grav

We’re moving to Slack -

php flat-file cms no-db

flarum / flarum

Get help and support using Flarum

php flarum forum

yiisoft / yii2

Yii framework 2.0 » » Latest version is 2.0.11

php yii framework main development repo

snipe / snipe-it

A free open source IT asset/license management system built in PHP on Laravel 5.2 and Bootstrap 3. - Common Issues: - Getting Help: - What's new: - Upgrading:

php free open source management system

php-ua / php

PHP UA Chat, обсуждаем новости, делимся опытом. About -

php ua chat

composer / composer

Dependency Manager for PHP

php dependency manager

monstra-cms / monstra

Monstra is a modern and lightweight Content Management System.

php cms xml

DevGroup-ru / dotplant2

E-Commerce CMS - Yii Framework 2 (yii2) - English & Russian languages are welcome!

php e-commerce cms yii framework yii2

userfrosting / UserFrosting

Due to privacy concerns (, we are no longer using Gitter as our chat provider. Please join us at our new, private chat server:

php user-management bootstrap Slim Twig Eloquent frameworks

guzzle / guzzle

Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client and framework for building RESTful web service clients

php guzzle http client framework building

nette / nette

The general discussion about Nette ––– English room ––– (Czech:

php nette framework

cakephp / cakephp

CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

php cakephp rapid development framework official

Block8 / PHPCI

PHPCI is a free and open source continuous integration tool specifically designed for PHP.

php phpci free open source continuous

yiisoft / yii

Yii framework 1.1 » » Latest version is 1.1.17

php yii framework

yupe / yupe

Yupe! - Yii powered ecommerce platform - English & Russian languages are welcome!

php cms yiiframework

propelorm / Propel

Propel2 is an open-source high-performance Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP >= 5.4

php propel open-source object-relational mapping orm

aws / aws-sdk-php

Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP.

php official repository aws sdk

PHPOffice / PHPExcel

A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files

php pure library reading writing spreadsheet

jazzsequence / WordPress-Admin-Help

Redefining help in the WordPress admin. A feature plugin intended for WordPress 3.9

php redefining wordpress admin feature plugin

afaqurk / linux-dash

A drop-in, low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a linux machine.

php drop-in low-overhead monitoring web dashboard

ruflin / Elastica

Elastica is a PHP client for elasticsearch

php elastica client elasticsearch

KodiCMS / kodicms-laravel

KodiCMS - CMS built on Laravel 5.2

javascript php laravel


The dependency injection container for humans

php dependency injection container

appserver-io / appserver

A multithreaded application server for PHP, written in PHP.

php multithreaded application server written

COCOPi / cockpit

Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play CMS

php add content management functionality site