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globalize / globalize

Rails I18n de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord model/data translation.

ruby rails i18n de-facto standard library

comfy / comfortable-mexican-sofa

ComfortableMexicanSofa is a powerful Rails 5 CMS Engine

ruby powerful rails cms engine

mailboxer / mailboxer

A Rails gem to send messages inside a web application

ruby rails gem send messages inside

rails / conductor

Conductor is a Rails engine that lets you do through a web UI what you'd normally do with the rails shell command.

ruby conductor rails engine lets web

activeadmin / activeadmin

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

ruby administration framework rails applications

AlchemyCMS / alchemy_cms

Alchemy is a powerful, flexible and user centric Rails CMS.

ruby alchemy rails cms

CanCanCommunity / cancancan

Continuation of CanCan, the authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

ruby continuation cancan authorization gem rails

eliotsykes / rspec-rails-examples

RSpec cheatsheet & Rails app: Learn how to expertly test Rails apps from a model codebase

ruby rspec cheatsheet rails app learn

skinny-framework / skinny-framework

"Scala on Rails" - A full-stack web app framework upon Scalatra for rapid development in Scala

scala rails full-stack web app framework

Codcore / amethyst

Amethyst is a Rails inspired web-framework for Crystal language

crystal amethyst rails inspired web-framework language

morsbox / rusrails

Ruby on Rails по-русски

ruby rails

saasbook / typo

Typo is the oldest and most powerful Ruby on Rails blogware, providing custom templates, powerful drag and drop plugins API, advanced SEO capabilities, XMLRPC API and many more.

ruby typo oldest powerful rails blogware

nathanl / authority

Authority helps you authorize actions in your Rails app. It's ORM-neutral and has very little fancy syntax; just group your models under one or more Authorizer classes and write plain Ruby methods on them.

ruby authority helps authorize actions rails

Yellowen / Faalis

A ruby on rails engine which provides a basic web application to use with other ruby on rails applications.

ruby rails engine basic web application

annict / annict

Slackに移行しました。m(__)m http://slack.annict.com/

ruby rails anime coffeescript vue.js

dohzya / ruby-rails-starter

Starter project for Ruby on Rails – Works with any prismic.io repository

ruby starter project rails works prismicio

michelson / lazy_high_charts

Make highcharts a la ruby , works in rails 3.X, 4 and other ruby web frameworks

ruby make highcharts la works rails

shine60vn / adminlte-rails

The AdminLTE Rails gem integrates AdminLTE theme with the Rails asset pipeline

adminlte rails

bk1 / invoice-management

Rails application to manage and create invoices as PDF files.

ruby rails application manage create invoices